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U.P. Government recognized Regd. No.I-21909 (M)renewed upto 19.07.2015   "Final list of selected students for Class Nursery"


To meet with the aims and objectives of Shri Sai Samiti Noida Sector-40, Noida, a Pre-Primary School with the name of Sai Vidya Niketan was started in the year 2002 with 50 students. The aim has been all round development of children of underprivileged parents and to develop them as good citizens of India. The school has been renamed as Sai Vidya Niketan a primary school duly recognized by U.P. Government with registration no. 1-21909 (M) renewed upto 19.07.2015. At present the school is imparting education as per NCERT syllabus on CBSE pattern with English medium in 2 shifts. Pre-primary i.e. Nursery, LKG, KG and 1st to class-V in 1st shift and class VI and onwards upto class VIII in 2nd shift. The students admitted in Sai Vidya Niketan are taken care of upto class XII. The school takes care of students by providing free education free breakfast and lunch, free school dresses including shoes and socks and free books and stationary.

Education has power that can eradicate all the evils from our society like poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, etc. Children are the future of a developing country such as India. Education being the basic right of children brings permanent change in their lives and that of their families too. ShriSaiSamiti Noida has set-up a Primary School (since recognized) and Vocational Training Center namedSaiVidyaNiketan. Students are provided with free education, course books, stationery, notebooks, school uniforms, mid-day-meals, etc.ShriSaiSamiti Noida offers scholarships to brighter students and bears all their expenses towards higher education.

SaiVidyaNiketan is a charitable Primary School within the Mandir building complex that provides basic education to underprivileged children. We are providing basic education from Nursery to 5th standard. No fees are charged. Apart from providing free education and materials the Samiti also provides them free books, stationery, notebooks and school uniforms. To encourage them to be regular in the schools, the Samiti also provides healthy breakfast and food via its mid-day-meals scheme. We are seriously pursuing the objective of establishing a higher secondary school. Our application for allotment of land is pending with NOIDA.

Subsidy to the deserving, for Higher Secondary Classes:- Our school imparts education up to 6th standard. Our own students as also deserving students, who apply to us for higher secondary education in other recognized schools, are given scholarships to meet School Fees at other institutions. Scholarships are given to students with proven good academic records in the past few years. At present, the Society provides total scholarships amounting to Rs. 4 lacs per annum. Our programme of distributing scholarship naturally helps those parents who want to send their children to schools but are unable to afford the fees.

Vocational Training:- To help the underprivileged families, our Samitiis offering vocational training to both boys and girls and prepares them for jobs so that they can support their families financially. Our vocational training covers several fields like tailoring, candle making, yoga classes and other traditional courses

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From year 2014 school is adding class-VI with an aim to upgrade upto class-VIII in Sai Temple premises, where the school is at present functioning. These classes will be held in 2nd shift. For the year 2014-15.

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